Milestones in milking

Introducing the new milestone in milking: Lely Astronaut A5. It has been a challenging journey for the past 25 years since we invented automatic milking. From 1992 up until now, we studied cows and we listened to our customers carefully. We hold on to proven practices, but we also altered the system to fit the future. The combination of automatic milking principles, our focus on reliability, ease of use and cost efficiency has resulted in the most cow- and farmer friendly milking system.

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Milestones in milking

The era of dairy automation truly took off when Lely started with robotic milking. Lives have been changed, animal welfare has improved and farming efficiency has been reinvented. 25 years dairy automation also means that a whole generation has grown up with the benefits of this new technology.

How do these successors envisage the future of their dairy farms? Which opportunities do they see and what challenges do they face? How will they approach things? Will their strategy/ideas differ to their predecessors?

These questions are imperative in helping define farms for the future. Where is your focus? Whatever your choices, Lely will be there to support you. Just as we have done in the past.



Milestones in milking

The most natural way to milk: more freedom, more control and more milk. At the end of 2010, the Lely Astronaut A4 comes onto the market. The revolutionary iFlow concept further lowers the threshold for cows to allow themselves to be milked. The A4 has a modular design: a central unit contains a vacuum and cleaning system for a maximum of two milking units. In addition, there are the 3D camera and electronic cleaning brushes.



Milestones in milking

Between the A3 and A4 generation milking robots, several parts are worked on and overhauled. The new version of the robot is named the Lely Astronaut A3 Next. In 2009, a lot of work is put into creating a new design with an improved feed box and MQC based on the principle of healthy and happy cows.

2009 - Lely Astronaut A3


Milestones in milking

Ten years after the official introduction of the milking robot, a completely new version comes onto the market: the Lely Astronaut A3. The 2005 design guarantees unprecedented reliability and offers dairy farmers financial and social benefits. The T4C (Time for Cows) management system provides real-time data on the health and productivity of the herd and individual cows. The new model comes with an updated robotic arm and MQC.

2005 astronaut a3


Milestones in milking

The arrival of a new century culminates in a plethora of innovations and smart technology. With each generation, the milking robot becomes better and more intuitive resulting in improved cow health and wellness.  In the year 2004, the Lely Astronaut A2 Evolution comes into being which includes, among other things, a static teat detection system and a new vacuum system.

2004 - Lely Astronaut A2_v2


Milestones in milking

Everyone is working towards the Millennium. In 1999 and the following year, new technology and innovation ensues in a range of extras. The MQC (Milk Quality Control) system provides constant monitoring of milk quality and cow health. The milking robot is embraced by dairy farmers all over the world.

1999 - MQC_v2


Milestones in milking

New innovations lead to a new version of the milking robot, the Lely Astronaut A2, in 1997. The familiar frame becomes available in galvanised or stainless steel and the cleaning system is updated. In the meantime, there are already 100 robots working in barns all over the world.

1997 - Astronaut A2


Milestones in milking

In 1995, the Lely Astronaut is officially introduced to the general public. This revolutionary automated milking system characterises the future of dairy farming. The first robots are installed in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Partly thanks to the introduction of the Astronaut, free cow traffic inside and outside the barn becomes a common notion.



Milestones in milking

A true revolution for dairy farming. The first working prototype of the Lely Astronaut comes into being in 1992. A fully automated milking system which tens of thousands of dairy farmers worldwide can no longer do without today. It represents a whole new way of milking and working. Dairy farmers consider this the most important invention of the 20th century for dairy farming.



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Stef van den Hurk

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