You want to grow, but how do you manage a bigger herd with limited man power available? Work smarter not harder. You want to add value where you can, save time whenever possible and spend more time with family and friends.

Organize your farm operations for more consistent quality, more efficient use of labour, minimal physical input, better work-life balance and higher production of milk per labour hour.

Which steps are you going to take?

Automate simple, repetitive tasks

Lely Robotic Solutions

Robots can complete repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on adding value elsewhere on your farm. Saving labour and ensuring consistency. Cows enjoy that!

About transparency and trust

Management information

Consumers want to be able to trust their food sources. The databases, fed by many sensors and management tools, allows producers to assure quality and show transparency.

Most efficient for animal and human

Lely Dairy XL Barn

Give cows space and create a smart workflow. That’s the basis for each automated barn that pays off in our Dairy XL concept.

25 Years dairy automation

The era of dairy automation truly took off when Lely started with robotic milking. Lives have been changed, animal welfare has improved and farming efficiency has been reinvented. 25 years dairy automation also means that a whole generation has grown up with the benefits of this new technology.