In your opinion, consumers are not only your customers, but are also influencers. You want to understand them and fulfil their needs, whether that is by providing safe and healthy food, achieving sustainable production or through setting higher standards of animal welfare.

Show consumers that you care about animal welfare, food safety, farm surroundings, global responsibility and regulation.

Which steps are you going to take?

Happy cows, happy people

Freedom for cows

Cow health and cow well-being is increasingly important to consumers. Automation enables the cow to assume natural behaviour and follow its natural rhythm. This results in stress-free, healthier cows.

About transparency and trust

Management information

Consumers want to be able to trust their food sources. The databases, fed by many sensors and management tools, allows producers to assure quality and show transparency.

The most natural way of milking

Lely Astronaut

Automated milking is beneficial for cows. Cows enjoy the consistent and more frequent milking method, which is, therefore, healthier for them.

25 Years dairy automation

The era of dairy automation truly took off when Lely started with robotic milking. Lives have been changed, animal welfare has improved and farming efficiency has been reinvented. 25 years dairy automation also means that a whole generation has grown up with the benefits of this new technology.