Value all outputs from your farm milk and meat production, feed efficiency, manure processing, energy production, dairy processing and marketing and second branch.

Show consumers that you care about animal welfare, food safety, farm surroundings, global responsibility and regulation.

Which steps are you going to take?

Efficient use of forage

Smart feeding

Finally, you know the effect of distributed rations in real-time. Data from the Lely Vector and Lely Astronaut is offered in different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Horizon, Lely’s management system.

Is manure a waste or a value?

Discovery Collector

Manure is valuable. Managing the manure as fast as possible and bringing it to a processor will retain as much of this value as possible.

Second branch

Labour saving automation

Time savings and flexibility create opportunities for other ways to earn money, as automation takes away repetitive work and enables you to work smarter.

25 Years dairy automation

The era of dairy automation truly took off when Lely started with robotic milking. Lives have been changed, animal welfare has improved and farming efficiency has been reinvented. 25 years dairy automation also means that a whole generation has grown up with the benefits of this new technology.