Transition to milking robotics

The transition to automatic milking was not always without challenges for Agri-Robotique. Farmers here in Canada often said, "If I can no longer milk my cows myself, I'll sell my farm". They did not believe in robotic farming and saw it as something negative and expensive. It was in this transition that the challenge lay.

Over time, more and more people adopted this way of farming. When they heard the success stories of other farmers, and the impact it had on their freedom, farmers became more interested. Today, automatic milking is here to stay. Because of the high labour costs, automatic milking could be even financially more attractive for certain Canadian farmers. A win-win situation!

Foreseeing a bright future
Today’s agriculture in Canada is very good. We have a great climate here for agriculture and farmland. And the milk prices in Canada are good as well. Due to the “milk quota” many family farms can expand smoothly. Profitability is important for our farmers in order to maintain their business, this is something we strive for!

Many stakeholders, such as feed mills, are working in the same direction to ease the transition to robotisation. We are seeing that the transition for farm start-ups is smoother and faster. Next to that, the new technologies focus more on cow comfort as well.

Selling used robots
A different service offered by Agri-Robotique is the sale of used robots. Take the example of the company Gasser, which switched from A4 to A5 robots. It was then possible to buy back the A4s, overhaul them and resell them to new farms. Among other things, this makes it possible to buy milking robots at a lower cost or to transition to robotisation at a leisurely pace. Used robots remain very reliable as they are well maintained, providing a guarantee to future customers.