The beginning

Brothers Arij and Cornelis van der Lely are working on innovations to make the farmer's life more pleasant.


Lely's foundation

Founded after the invention of the finger wheel rake.



Lely's single disc spreader

An entirely unique artificial fertilizer spreader which even today is still produced and sold in America.



Lely Lotus hook tine

A uniquely designed tedder tine which turns crop faster and evenly.



Lelyterra power harrow

The development of the Lelyterra power harrow marks the real breakthrough and internationalisation of Lely as a company and an unprecedented growth in sales.



Modular cutter bar concept

This cutter bar contains far fewer gears than any other cutter bar, which results in outstanding output and saving on fuel.



Second generation of Van der Lely

Olaf van der Lely, son of Cornelis, takes over the management of the company.



First Lely Astronaut in operation

A prototype of the Lely Astronaut milking robot is introduced. Farmers acknowledge this as the most important invention of the 20th century for dairy farmers.



Official introduction Lely Astronaut

Lely brings to market the revolution of the dairy robotic milk system.



Lely Lotus 1325

The tedder was the world’s largest for decades in terms of tedding output and quality.

Lotus 1325.png


Lely MQC

The MQC (Milk Quality Control) system provides insight into valuable indicators of milk quality, including cell count, color and conductivity. The measuring system is placed in the robot arm, right next to the udder


Lely Astronaut Evolution

A new century has arrived and it too is full of innovations and smart technologies. The Lely Astronaut A2 Evolution, including a static teat detection system and renewed vacuum system, is launched.

Lely Astronaut Evolution.jpg


Alexander van der Lely CEO

Alexander van der Lely succeeds his brother Olaf as CEO of the family business.


Lely Hibiscus 1015 Profi

The world’s largest 2-rotor central delivery rake.



Lely Astronaut A3

Lely offers state-of-the-art design with advanced milking robot technology to ensure greater reliability and flexibility with the Lely Astronaut.

2005 astronaut a3


Lely Splendimo Clip

A very simple invention ensuring a timely, easy and above all safe change of mower blades.

hero clip.JPG


Lely Discovery mobile barn cleaner

Lely provides an intelligent solution, which meets the growing need of dairy farmers for optimum hygiene in their cow housings.

Discovery close 2.JPG


Lely Voyager

Lely introduces an automatic grazing system. The so-called 'frontal grazing' limits grazing losses, prevents fluctuations in milk production and saves labor.

Lely Voyager.jpg


Lely Lotus 2010

Unique tedder with 8 rotors and 7 tine arms per rotor and equipped with the Lely carrier system.

Lely Lotus 2010.png


Lely Juno feed pusher

Lely takes a major step forward towards the automated supply of roughage to livestock.

Juno hero.jpg


Lely Welger RPC445 Tornado

Lely launches the first fully variable baler/wrapper combination in the market place.



Lely Attis

The Lely Attis is a round bale wrapper with a large capacity. The loading arm is exceptionally robust and ensures that the bale is placed effortlessly on the wrapping table.

Lely Attis.png


Lely Astronaut A4

The Astronaut A4 is set up in  modular concept. A central unit features a central vacuum and cleaning system for up to two cow units.



Lely Juno 100

After the Lely Juno 150, a smaller, more compact and financially more attractive model is now available: the Lely Juno 100. Due to the smaller diameter, it is also ideal for a narrower feed alley.

Lely Juno 100.jpg


Joint venture Lely en GET

Lely and Green Energy Technologies (GET) are starting a joint venture to develop a sustainable fertilizer refining system.

Joint venture GET.jpg


Lely Vector

The automated feeding system for flexible and fresh feeding of the cattle.



Lely Tigo XR 100

The pick-up of the Lely Tigo XR is unique thanks to the seven tooth bars.

Lely Tigo.png


Lely T4C InHerd

Mobile application, a revolution of farm management software.

Herd management software, T4C InHerd, provides a constant overview of your farm and cows that need your attention so you can take action when it is needed.


20.000th Lely Astronaut robot installed

Lely reaches milestone sales in robotic milking with the Lely Astronaut.

20000 astronaut.jpg


Lely Welger Continuous Baling concept

A prototype of the Lely Welger CB Concept is introduced. Farmers acknowledge its continuous quality, capacity and comfort.

2014 CB concept


Launch of first Lely Astronaut packages

The optional packages meet farmer’s choices.



Sale of forage activities

Strategic choice to focus on dairy farms worldwide and sale of our forage harvesting machines to AGCO Corporation.

sale forage.png


Lely Discovery Collector

The Discovery Collector is specially designed for closed-floor stables and works revolutionarily different from a traditional manure scraper.

Lely Discovery Collector.jpg


25 Years dairy automation

The era of dairy automation truly took off when Lely started with robotic milking.


Lely celebrates 70th anniversary

In its 70-year history, Lely has changed traditions in agriculture, with innovations that have made life easier for farmers and cows.

Lely 70 jaar.jpg


Lely Astronaut A5

Introduction of the Lely Astronaut A5 milking robot system and the renewed Lely Juno feed pusher during the Lely Future Farm Days.

Lely Astronaut A5.JPG


Lely Orbiter

Lely developed a dairy processor for the farm, the Lely Orbiter - a system that makes milk processing on the farm affordable, practical, safe and above all profitable.

Lely Orbiter.png


Family Business Award

Lely was voted "Family Business of the Year 2019". Former CEO Alexander van der Lely received the annual prestigious Family Business Award from Hans Wiegel.

Familiebedrijven award.jpg


André van Troost CEO

André van Troost is the successor of Alexander van der Lely as CEO of the Lely Group. Alexander van der Lely will become Chairman of the Supervisory Board. 



Sustainable Dairy farming

A big step towards circular farming. The Lely Sphere reduces ammonia emissions in the barn and converts nitrogen into circular fertilizers. The Lely Exos harvests and feeds fresh grass to the cows and applies the fertilizer to the land.


Lely Horizon

The successor of Lely T4C (InHerd). This data platform enables dairy farmers to make their decisions based on real-time data. The software analyses and offers insight and proactive advice on how to better manage a farm.


Building tomorrow together

A remarkable year showing our growth. Lely North America opens the Lely Park and the Lely Campus in Maassluis doubles in office size and production capacity. The opening was on 30 June 2022 by HRH King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.


Our 75th anniversary

A remarkable milestone: 75 years red impact. We celebrate our history, experience the present and work towards the future. Thanks to our loyal customers and Lely Center network all over the world.

Why Lely?

Farmers all over the world make choices about how they set up and run their farms. Every day, we help them make the best choices for themselves and their farms. We do this by providing advice and innovative solutions that contribute to efficient farm management. For sustainable milk and meat production. Present and future.