Our vision

Agriculture is a dynamic sector with an essential role: to feed a growing population. By 2050, there will be nine billion mouths to feed. That means that the world needs to produce 70% more food. Increasing food production requires efficient agriculture. Quality also needs to be maintained, in a sustainable and innovative way. Respecting human and animal.

"A sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in farming."

In the meantime, the environment in which our customers operate is constantly changing. This means that creating a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future is more of an ongoing process than a done deed.

Every day we help our customers all over the world make choices about how they set up and run their farms. Lely supports by providing advice and innovative solutions that contribute to efficient farm management. Present and future.

Our mission

To deal with the reality of today and the challenges of tomorrow, we see our most important task as delivering solutions that help our customers excel in sustainable milk and meat production.

"We create innovative solutions that help our customers excel in sustainable milk production to feed the world."

We do this by continually inspiring and motivating our employees to create new and innovative concepts. Ideas and solutions that make the lives of farmers and contractors easier, their business more successful and open up a bright future for them.

Freedom of choice for our customers is the basis upon which our vision and mission are consolidated. At Lely, our customers’ wishes and needs dictate how we support and help them.

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Farm of the Future 2035

The world around us changes rapidly. Global population keeps on growing with an expected increase for food demand of 50 to 70% by 2050. People look at farmers to produce their dairy in an ever more sustainable manner; more and more demanding to know where their food comes from and how it is produced. And At the same time, farmers are subject to heated discussions worldwide, forced to deal with stricter regulations.

That changing environment is our reality. Farming in the future is about a farm which is fully acceptable to society, farmers and animals. Where farming is about the farmer, his or her role in society and the way he or she is seen by society. Future farming is about focus on the farmer. 

Impact areas

While the environment changes, our goal remains the same: 'To make the lives of farmers easier.' In the years to come we will continue to innovate to help solve the major challenges of dairy farming. We will innovate on the basis of five themes that are central to the Farm of the Future.  

Consumers, politicians, the media, environmental and animal organisations are calling increasingly loudly for food production to be different. Lely can and wants to contribute to this change. For the Farm of the Future, aimed at 2035, the following innovation themes are central.


Impact areas

Animal welfare

When it comes to animal welfare, society demands greater progress. This means we must continue to innovate hard to achieve this. Our principle of free cow traffic allows the cows to live their lives in the most natural way possible. Automated milking and feeding contribute to that. Encouraging grazing and early detection of possible diseases all help to improve the welfare of the cow. But more must be done.

Improved environment

We need to continue to challenge ourselves on how we can reduce the environmental impact of dairy farming and move faster towards real circular farming. Not just when it comes to nitrogen emissions, but also methane emissions, water quality, energy usage, soil health and biodiversity. We need to innovate hard to tackle these challenges.

Sustainable and nutritional dairy products

Milk is the most unique fluid fitting a healthy diet with over 400 components. The aim of our future farm is to produce high quality, traceable and sustainable dairy products. This means for example focusing on the cows’ genetics and diets to provide best taste and content. This enables the cow to deliver on her core competence: transforming feed into nutritious food.

Buy-in from consumers

Consumers become ever more critical about farming, and their buy-in becomes more and more important. The challenge is to bring the farmer and the consumer closer together. Consumers demand complete transparency whilst at the same time they become increasingly distant from what happens on a farm. Literally as an effect of urbanization. Offering more transparency in the chain needs (much) more work.

Farmer prosperity

Farmers do not have a job: they have a way of living. They should be rewarded for that. We must support farmers to get a financially fit farm. With a fair and reasonable business model. A farm that not only produces food. But one that is also socially relevant and therefore acknowledged and ‘approved’ by consumers. A farm that not only puts food on our plates, but also one that puts food on the farmer’s plate.

Why Lely?

Farmers all over the world make choices about how they set up and run their farms. Every day, we help them make the best choices for themselves and their farms. We do this by providing advice and innovative solutions that contribute to efficient farm management. For sustainable milk and meat production. Present and future.