Darren, Michael and Emily Fielding are third generation dairy farmers who have inherited their farm from parents Robert and Denise Fielding. They currently milk 350 cows with 6 Lely A5 Astronaut milking robots. From feeling better physically to being able to spend more time with family, going down the road of robotics was a necessary transition for the Fielding family as it has allowed them to enjoy their personal lives significantly more.

The old dairy
Darren Fielding predicts that the old shed was built in the 1950's-1960's. He describes it as being "old, cramped and needed a lot of work" to accomodate their vision of continuing to develop the dairy. Feeling limited by the old dairy, Darren describes their desire to continue dairy farming motivated them to look into robotics.

The New System
After making the switch to robotics, the Fielding family have noticed how big of a difference it has made on their personal lives. Darren described how with milking traditionally, not only is it physically damaging and "doesn't do your body any good" but it was also impacting his personal life. He explained how he'd miss out on family events due to how time-demanding the old system was and that "there's stuff you can't go to... so it does help with family life not having to be there [at the dairy] all the time."

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