Optimising AMS by getting the fundamentals right: the tips for success in AMS farming

During this webinar, the fundamentals of successful dairy production systems are being discussed. This includes some rules that underpin all dairy systems, based on making land and cow assets perform to manage both revenue and cost structures. We also touch on some guides to asset efficiency for land and cows.

Management, Milking, Tips & Tricks


Our farm management support adviser Innocent, first introduces the topic before the host of this webinar Ian Sawyer takes over. Ian is an experienced ruminant nutritionist who has operated in the sector since 1987. 

With qualifications not only in animal production (University of Sydney) but also in business (Macquarie graduate school of management), Ian is well qualified to offer comment and guidance on both technical and business matters pertaining to ruminant production. This includes Dairy Beef and Lamb production. 

Ian is a partner at Feedworks Australia, a role that allows him to mentor and assist as many people as he can in the sector that he loves, whilst continuing his own ongoing learning and development interacting with friends and colleagues around the world. 

Enjoy watching the webinar!