During harvesting, the fewer set-backs there are, the faster the harvesting process, resulting in better-quality forage. Our Hydroflexcontrol contributes to faster baling. The smart technology reduces the number of interruptions in the process by up to 80%.

When harvesting against the clock it can be tempting to demand more from your baler than its capacity allows. This puts you at risk of blockages in the crop flow. The Hydroflexcontrol increases the amount of space for crop flow, helping to prevent blockages.

More output, fewer interruptions

The Hydroflexcontrol floor is made up of two parts close to the rotor. This is where the crop flow is at its narrowest and the risk of a blockage is therefore highest.  The two functions that are hidden in the name Hydroflexcontrol relate to the Hydroflex floor which is underneath the rotor. The flex part avoids blockages; the hydro part solves blockages as and when they may occur.


The hydroflex is unique to our balers. This mechanical functionality ensures that the front part of the feed chamber floor can flex up and down via a rubber or spring-based suspension unit. This prevents potential blockages from occurring due to too much (wet) crop or a small foreign object getting into the crop flow. It also reduces the chance of extra wear and tear or damage.

The blades remain close to the rotor during motion so that the crop is cut optimally. This safeguards the quality of your forage.


The flexcontrol part enables the rear section of the bale chamber floor to be raised and lowered to increase the amount of space beneath the rotor. This so-called ‘drop floor’ can be switched on hydraulically from the tractor cab if the hydroflex has not succeeded in preventing a blockage in the crop flow. The blades are also retracted as the feed chamber floor is lowered. This allows the blockage to pass into the bale chamber before the driver restarts the machine – without wasting any crop.


Carefree baling for high-quality fodder

The smart combination of hydroflex and flexcontrol results in 80% fewer interruptions during baling. This is an appealing thought in the harvesting season. If the occasional blockage should occur in spite of all the technology, you can control the hydroflex from your tractor cab for maximum ease of use.

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When lowering the feeding channel floor, the knives are also retracted.
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Welger RP 160 V Xtra


In addition to achieving time savings, the Hydroflexcontrol also makes an important contribution to improving the quality of your forage. It reduces the baling time, thus preserving more nutrients in the crop.

Therefore a Lely Welger baler saves you time and also assures you of high-quality fodder.


Good and consistent compacting speeds up the start of the crop fermentation process. This is how you retain the crops’ essential nutrients for the best-quality feed. Our balers offer both the best compacting and the highest pick-up capacity. For good-quality feed.