By mowing at the right moment you can influence the energy, nutrients and texture of forage in line with the needs of your livestock. This increases the animals’ feed uptake and results in healthy and productive cattle.

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Conditioning the crop during the mowing process stimulates crop throughput for faster drying. Lely Impeller conditioners process the crop while retaining the texture for the best forage.  Acceleration is the key word, both for the conditioning process and crop flow.

Crop-friendly handling for high-quality feed

The Lely Impeller conditioner is fitted with a number of relatively long conditioning fingers. Both the length and the number of these fingers contribute to a crop-friendly conditioning process.

As they rotate through the crop at high speed, the spirally mounted synthetic conditioning fingers stimulate crop throughput.

Thanks to the relatively long conditioning fingers, the crop is able to penetrate deep into the rotor. The fingers slip through the material and rub it open, moving so quickly and smoothly that they do not damage the crop texture.



High crop throughput

A high crop throughput has a positive effect on your fuel economy and ensures a good mowing pattern. The speed of the rotors, combined with the fact that they are the widest on the market, contributes to a high crop throughput, as do the generously sized conditioners themselves.

This reduces the power requirement of the mower while enabling you to benefit from rapid and smooth mowing.



The best harvest is obtained by mowing at the right time. This is how you determine the energy, nutrients and structure of the crops based on your animals’ feed requirements. With our mowers, you can be sure of the lowest possible power requirements combined with the highest possible capacity.