Clean forage is essential for ensuring healthy and productive cattle. Minimising dirt and ash in the forage promotes better feed uptake in your livestock. The more active a cow is, the more productive it is too. Therefore, clean forage with an optimal crop texture is always a top priority when designing our forage- harvesting machines.

In terms of our rakes, this has resulted in the development of the unique Lely Ro-tine. The tine minimises the amount of dirt in the forage and damage to the crop. The result: clean forage with the right texture to preserve the flavour and nutrients.

Unique shape for clean forage

The Ro-tine is a ‘hollow’ tine that is attached to the rake in a trailed position. In addition, the tine tip is at a 90-degree angle to the ground. The sweeping motion lifts the crop to the swath. Furthermore, because the tine tip is positioned some way behind the tine arm, it is easier to avoid stones or lumps of soil.

The unique combination of the tine construction and the sweeping motion ensures that the tine has minimum contact with the ground during the mowing process. This avoids stones or lumps of soil being scattered into the air by the tine tip. Both clean raking and a clean product are therefore guaranteed.


Follows ground contours perfectly for crop-friendly handling 

The Ro-tine optimally follows the contours of the ground under any conditions and with any type of crop. Because the tines are particularly strong yet flexible and specially shaped, they adapt better to the soil conditions. Furthermore, you can adjust the working height of the rotors in line with the type of crop.

The Ro-tine tines are specially designed to guarantee the best results for every type of crop without dirt in the forage. They achieve this by optimally following the ground contours in all soil conditions.

Efficient raking delivers tangible cost benefits

Effective and efficient raking not only means that the mown crop ends up clean and tidy in the swath. It is also important preparation for the next stage in the harvesting process. Therefore, raking has a significant impact on the speed with which your harvesting machines can pick up the swath. This, in turn, has a noticeable effect on your costs: a double dividend, in other words.


Rake your crops as neatly as possible into the perfect swath and minimise undesirable mould and bacteria in the feed. The working width of our rakes is easily adjustable to create the ideal swath width for the next step in the harvest process.