Speed and great capacity are the basis of Lely Lotus tedders. Because the quicker you dry your crop, the better the quality of your feed.

To achieve this high speed, Lely Lotus tedders are equipped with the latest in smart technology. Apart from the Lely hook tines, the frame of the machine also ensures speed and safety during operation. 

Easy on headlands

User-friendliness on headlands is unique to the trailed Lotus tedder range. The machine is easy to lift and drop. The ground clearance that this achieves benefits the speed, especially on smaller and unevenly shaped plots. This helps you quickly drive from one plot to the next. 

Safe transport

The construction of the trailed supporting frame couples the tedder to the tractor and also serves as a carrier for transport. The robust drawbar ensures that the trailed Lotus tedder is compact when it is folded in, across the length of the drawbar. This achieves a low transport height and a uniquely low centre of gravity. For fast and stable transport. A safe idea.


Profi - to profit more from limited space

Some of the trailed Lotus tedder models are available as a Profi variant. These models feature a special coupling. This coupling makes the pivot point of the machine one metre shorter. The Profi variant is therefore ideal for plots with limited space for turning.

In addition, the tracking capacity is enhanced as the pivot point is shifted slightly towards the rear with the Profi coupling. 

Perfect ground-contour following

Speed regardless of the terrain: that is what the Lotus Trailed and the Lotus Trailed XL offer. The frame is built in such a way as to keep the tedding angle and working height constant at all times. The floating hanging rotors have enough room to properly follow the ground contours of the field. This prevents them from being hindered by the transport system being pulled up, as is the case with many other tedders. Giving you both speed and efficiency. 

Speed through robustness

The frame’s build is designed for speed. All braces are connected to each other with pivot points. Along with the bracing rods in the braces, this makes for an extremely strong build. The Lotus tedder range combines high driving speed with durability. 

With the addition of the Lely hook tine, 50% more capacity is achieved than with other tedders.


Obtain the perfect dry-matter content in your crops quickly by speeding up the drying process. By doing so, you influence the consistency and the quality of your silage. Obtain 50% more capacity with the unique hook tines on our tedders.