Want to know what Horizon can mean for you

How to get started immediately and benefit from this management system?

We would like to invite you to our Lely Horizon kick-off event. This will be organized by your Cluster and is exclusively for our customers. Soon you will have the opportunity to work with this new management application. In the event, we will explain what Lely Horizon is, how it looks like and what are the steps to make the transfer. During this session there are experts present from FMS and TSS who will guide you in detail and answer your questions. Our aim is to get you prepared, so you can immediately start using the Horizon, from the first day it's on your devices.

Horizon Kick-off Event

Register here

The registration is closed for this event. If you would like to join us for the event please send us an email on lelyaus@lely.com

When: Wednesday, 10th Of November, 11am.

Where: Online Event 

Event's Agenda

  • Welcome​
  • Why Lely Horizon?​
  • What is Lely Horizon and how does it work?​
  • Horizon Demonstration​
  • Validation customer feedback​
  • How to get started - The nuts’n’bolts of horizon​
  • Summary and wrap up​

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