Continuous Baling test after the Yellow Revolution introduction

Since the introduction of the Lely Welger CB in September in Maassluis, Lely’s new continuous baling concept has been tested in various crops, circumstances and weather conditions. The CB testing teams have been baling silage in the Netherlands and Germany and corn stalks in the United States of America. Please take a look at the findings and results from the product testing.

Nov. 27, 2014


1,900 bales of silage

The CB Concept was tested in different weather conditions by the testing teams in both the Netherlands and Germany. The balers produced 1,900 bales of silage in very wet grass and rainy conditions. The outcome; the CB worked very well in the bad weather autumnal conditions and made good quality bales. 

See the CB in action making silage in the clip below.

Lely Welger CB test in the Netherlands

esting in corn stalks

The American twin of the Lely Welger CB Concept is the Continuous Round Baling system (CRB) in the United States of America (USA). Lely and Vermeer joined forces to develop this baler together. The Vermeer team tested the baler in the last couple of months in corn stalk. Corn Stalk is the remaining “straw” after harvesting the corn. The material is used mainly for bio fuel and energy. Since the introduction of the Continuous Baling system in September more than 1,920 bales were made in corn stalk.

Watch the Continuous Baling system baling in corn stalk 

Continuous Round Baling system tested in the USA

Wim Reijersen van Buuren and Malte Schlichting from the Research & Development department of Lely are both positive about the tests carried out in the USA. “The tests in corn stalk went smoothly if we compare that with 2013” Wim said. The capacity of the Continuous Baler in corn stalk with 1.75 meter diameter bales reaches up to 80 bales per hour which means 1 bale every 45 seconds.

For the rest of the winter period the North American Continuous Baler will move to the warmer areas of USA. It will be tested more intensively in the South of Texas. 

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