First Lely farm in Turkey

The Lely-Onet Farm is the first farm in Turkey with Lely milking robots. Two Lely Astronaut A4 robots have been placed in a brand new barn in the town of Balıkesir, milking 120 Holstein cows imported from Germany.

June 29, 2015


Along with the milking robots, other Lely equipment is used: one Lely Juno 100 feed pusher, four Lely Calm calf feeders, one Lely Nautilus milk cooling tank, two Lely Discovery SW mobile barn cleaners, one Lely Treatment Box, Lely L4C lighting and three Lely Luna cow brushes.

The Lely Center office is located next to the farm: it is built against the barn. In that way, Turkish farmers can optimally experience what robotic farming is like.

The farm owner, the Lely Center owner, the Balikesir Governor and Lely International representatives were present, along with four hundred visitors, to witness the official opening and the cutting of the ribbon. The opening also attracted lots of media coverage from both national and local press. During the opening ceremony, the first engineers from the Lely Center received their official engineering certificates.