Sensor technology helps farmers with even more precision and relevant information

Sensor technology helps farmers with even more precision and relevant decision-making information for future business operations.

June 17, 2016



From June 21-23, 2016 scientists, manufacturers, farm managers, veterinarians and other specialists in dairy farming will examine the latest developments in the area of ‘precision dairy farming’. This will take place during the annual international conference in this area. The development and the use of sensors and robotized systems in dairy farming has expanded enormously in the last few years. During the congress Lely clarifies in various presentations how the next generation of management software will support farm managers even further in their decisions in the future.

The rise of sensors and automation has become commonplace in recent years in dairy farming. New techniques ensure that farm managers can work more efficiently, with more job satisfaction and less repetitive work. At the same time the use of sensors also creates a wealth of data regarding feed, animal health and milk quality.

You can also see that some technologies are available, but rarely used in practice. The aim is not to use as much precision technology as possible for collecting data, but to apply this technique for promoting good business management, thus further unburdening farm managers.

That is why the new generation of management software goes a step further. Lely is working on an automatic decision support system. This is an additional tool that is suitable for furthering support of farm managers. Precision Livestock Technology is not an end in itself, but a way to support and unburden farm managers. It is meant to provide farm managers with meaningful information to support their commitment to create a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in dairy farming.

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