50 years of automatic calf feeding

Förster, Lely's fixed supplier for Calm products, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month. Thanks to the anniversary, customers worldwide can take advantage of the special anniversary promotion packages until the end of February 2022.

Nov. 14, 2021


Lely Calm

Partnership between Lely and Förster
In 1971, the Förster family started developing the first automatic calf feeding machines. Förster has since grown into a specialist in these systems, where animal welfare and healthy calf rearing are key concerns. 

Lely began looking for automatic calf feeding systems 22 years ago. The preferred solution was a partnership with a premium brand already operating in the sector. This led to a collaboration with Förster, giving Lely direct access to a vast array of knowledge and experience in automatic calf feeding. 

When the partnership kicked off, there was just one person responsible for managing the Lely Calm at Lely. Over the years, this has grown into an important partnership with a team offering support on a whole range of aspects, such as cooperation in the fields of product development, farm management support, technical support, and sales support. Lely has also developed its own drinking box, and the 'calf app' has been integrated in the Lely corporate style in the Horizon software. 

Lely Calm
The Lely Calm automated drinking system is aimed at every livestock farmer who wants to raise their calves to become successful dairy cows. Small portions appropriate to each calf’s age are continuously and accurately dispensed to meet each animal’s needs. This allows the calves to develop into strong, healthy dairy cows with maximum yields. 

Feeding calves more frequently is more in line with their natural drinking behaviour. A calf feeder is the best solution for feeding calves frequently and automatically. It benefits a dairy farm in various ways; healthy growth of calves, optimum hygiene, and lower expenditure on labour. It also prepares calves for a possible future with a milking robot.

Anniversary packages and other activities 
Two anniversary packages have been compiled; a standard package and a premium package. The standard package has been proven in practice. It includes the most important options for successfully rearing young stock. The premium package is for dairy farmers who prioritise hygiene. The additive dosing device, which can make sure specific calves receive extra vitamins, among other things, is also being introduced during this promotion. This is an option with the Lely Calm. Contact your local Lely Center for more information about this promotion.