The highlights explained

Setting new standards

Decision support

Lely Horizon uses smart algorithms based on experiences of thousands of dairy farmers worldwide. The farm management application elevates your data to forecast performances and offers you clear choices for farming optimisation. It helps you classify milk profiles on bimodality and adjust the pre-treatment time resulting in more stress free milking.

Optimised farm flow

Lely Horizon makes your day more effective by unburdening you from routine decision making. It lets you optimise your workflow by offering you valuable insights at the right time and place. Allow the extra support in your daily routines and in planning individual cow touches to make your life easier, your herd healthier and your farm more profitable.

Connecting and combining

No need to switch between screens and applications from different suppliers. Lely Horizon combines individual cow data from your Lely equipment with third party information into one single app. Allow other suppliers to become part of your digital environment and start synchronizing all the information you need. Lely Horizon paves the way towards less work and less errors.

Easy to use

Lely Horizon sets the future standard in userfriendliness. An intuitive user interface gives you fast access to all the information you need. Check the well-being of your herd and receive notifications directly on your smartphone. Even when you leave the farm. Make use of the clear customised dashboards and advice when and where you want.

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Maximum use of data

Take your farm management to the next level with Lely Horizon. Discover a brand new farm management application, which elevates your data to forecast performances and offers you clear choices to optimise your farm. Work more efficient and reach your goals towards a healthier herd.

Horizon opens the era that lets data do the hard work. A time that allows every farmer to use insights that improve their farms' profitability, sustainability and enjoyability. Yes, even predict them. All relevant data is processed to user-friendly information and provides you with practical advice. For instance, you will receive a notification about clearly ketosis suspected cows at an early stage to help prevent losses.

More than ever before, digitalisation will work for you. Daily and scheduled routines based on cow touches will be planned as logical and more efficient workflows. It offers you insights at the right time and place. Now is the time to connect all equipment and suppliers on your farm and take advantage of smart algorithms, connectivity and the cloud. 

Lely Horizon Control

Save time, be more mobile in and around the farm and enjoy the full benefits of data automation. Let the farm management application think for you and translate work to logic tasks, while still being able to use basic functionalities for in-depth analysis when it suits you.

Field experiences
Future farming at your fingertips

Lely Horizon works well with

Lely Qwes

24/7 insights about your cows

A true insight into your cows’ health prevents diseases and loss of production. The Lely Qwes cow-recognition system measures the most vital data per cow every two hours. There are tags for various aspects, such as identification, checking whether the cow is in heat and rumination.

Lely Astronaut

The natural way to milk

An increased milk yield and overviews whenever and wherever you want them: automatic milking makes it all possible. The milking system collects data per cow on milk production and cow health. This alerts you on time to any changes, allowing you to devote your attention to the cows that need it most.

Farm Management Support

Help during start-up Horizon

Making the transition to automated milking or feeding is a big step. Precisely because this is all about the continuity of your business, we provide you with full support. This helps you make the right choice and start your new way of working.

Our Lely Farm Management Support team is closely involved in this support and in training you to use Lely Horizon.

Striving for optimal results is vital to business continuity. That is why we advise you to optimise your company’s results in both a proactive and reactive fashion. For this, we look at the overall picture: from feeding to milking. By doing so, we help you to achieve a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future.