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Over the next few months, the expert team at Lely Oceania will be hosting a series of webinars that focus on different elements of robotic milking and ways it could work on your farm.

Register now for your chance to take part in these free, informative sessions that will cover all aspects of dairy robotics, from farm infrastructure to grassland management.

07-09-2020 - Common Misconception about AMS Farming
05-10-2020 - An A5 Milking Robot is as Easy to Use as a Smart Phone
23-11-2020 - Farm Layout and Infrastructure
07-12-2020 - Pasture Management in AMS
05-01-2021 - Optimising AMS by getting the fundamentals right: The Tips for success in AMS farming
05-02-2021 - Tips and Tricks to Optimise the Operational Cost of AMS
05-03-2021 - Mastitis Detection in AMS - How it works and how effective is it?
05-04-2021 - T4C Next
05-05-2021 - Why and How Robots are the future in Dairy Farming

If you're joining us midway through the series, you will recieve the link for all the previously released webinars upon registration.

Up next - Tuesday, 5th of February, 9:00 AEDT

Topic: "Tips and Tricks to Optimise the Operational Cost of AMS"

In this session, we will talk about how to improve operational costs in the automated milking system. This webinar will touch on things like how farmer routines can save time and money, while focusing on reducing the variable costs that come with farming.

Upcoming Speaker


My name is Will Averill; I have worked for Lely for the last eight years, with my current role being a product specialist in the technical support team.

Originally from the UK, I was born and raised on a dairy farm and as such, most of my life has revolved around the dairy industry.

I live with my family in Geraldine South Canterbury, New Zealand where we have called home for the last twenty years. Amongst other things, I enjoy motorcycling in my spare time.


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