In Tagori, Tasmania (Australia) the Finalysons family installed 4 Lely Astronaut A5 robots on their farm to cope with the ongoing labour issues and to increase the herd's productivity. Thanks to the automatic milking system, Hugh Finlaysons and his parents Alison and James Finlaysons are currently managing the farm by themselves. As per their experience, this system is the most cost-effective way of dairy farming.

Producing milk in cost-effective way

"People don't want to keep paying more money for food. We've got to find ways of producing food more cheaply. So this is one of the ways that we can do that by using the technology." - James Finlaysons

Reason for choosing AMS

The Finlayson family chose AMS due to long labor issues on the property, where they were milking 600 plus cows. Spending up to five hours milking they were spending 10 hours a day In the shed. With this new system they are doing everything by themselves so now they are not worried about labor.

Increase in Production

Immediately after transitioning from a conventional milking system to AMS, they had a 10% gain in the milk yield with the same cows. They have dried off a few cows and are expecting to see a further increase in the production. 

Information from T4C

Hugh Finlayson says "T4C is a pretty user-friendly program to use. Some of the main things we follow are our milkings per cow per day and of course our production per day. The amount of information we can get from T4C is great, not only on a cow level but on a robot level as well if we've got issues with robots we can quite often take it through the program itself."

Lely Center support

According to Hugh Finlayson "Lely Center's been a great support both prior and during start-up, they actually provided a number of people here for the first three days to help get the cows used to the system which was a great help." Early on we did have a few little bugs in the system which you expect at startup mainly and that was a good thing we had technicians around and any issues we did have were a good learning process. We were here to see what was happening, so later on if things went wrong in here we knew how to deal with it so wasn't such a big deal."– Hugh Finlayson.

Lely Astronaut A5 - Finlayson (English / Australia)

Why Lely?

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