As an international family business in the agricultural sector, we spend every day making producers’ lives easier with innovative solutions and tailored services. We offer solutions for almost all activities in the cowshed: from milking to cleaning. We provide advice on how to organize a dairy farm smartly with the use of management systems. Our vision and the needs and demands of our clients are the things that drive and inspire us.

Something we do since 1948: in this year brothers Cornelis en Arij van der Lely introduced the finger wheel rake to the market: one of our first inventions that made a substantial change in the traditional way of working on the farm. There were many more innovations with only one purpose: making agrarian life easier and working together for a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in the agricultural sector

We've Learned A Lot Over the Past 25+ Years

Lely North America provides and supports robotic milking technology in the
United States and Canada. See why Lely has been a leader in dairy innovation
in North America for 25 years.



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Our company

The wishes, needs and demands of our customers are the focal point of our day-to-day work. Innovation and sustainability are the common thread that runs through all we do to support dairy farmers.

Lely Campus

Our head office and factory form part of a bigger whole: the Lely Campus, a centre for creativity and inspiration. The Lely Campus is located in Maassluis (the Netherlands).


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Take a look at Lely’s online media database. Here you can find the flyers of our products, from milking to feeding and Farm Management Support to housing and care.

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