To be able to respond to the global food challenge for 2050, it is crucial to treat people, animals and the environment responsibly. To us, that means being a trusted, long-term partner for our customers. We want to hand over a better world to the next generation by developing sustainable products.

Sustainable products

Nature and agriculture are inextricably linked. We support dairy farmers by coming up with sustainable solutions to minimize the use of water and energy.

Our goal is to achieve energy-neutral dairy farming, i.e. every farm uses only the energy that it generates itself. For this, we first look at reducing energy consumption. As an example, milking with more economical milking robots and using battery-powered automated feeding systems and barn cleaners are a good start.

With the  feeding robot and the Lely Astronaut milking machine, we bring together efficiency in feeding and milk production, backed up by a management system called Lely Horizon. With Horizon, farmers are able to run their farms sustainably at every hour of every day. In this way we help dairy farmers reduce their carbon footprint.



Sustainable product development

To be able to react quickly to changing market conditions, we make our own products at our own production facilities and work with local suppliers. This is a conscious choice that allows us to develop continuously and in line with the agricultural sector. Only in this way can we be a trusted partner for our customers, now and in the future.

In the production process we look critically at all of the raw materials and processes that we need for making our machines. Wherever we can, we reduce the use of moving parts to ensure that our machines and solutions are prepared for long-term use.  By reducing the use of materials, we make the machines more maintenance-friendly and their lifespan longer. The machines are durable, save natural energy resources as much as possible, or are energy neutral.

Two production facilities

Worldwide we have 2 production facilities. Each facility produces a part of our products. Maassluis (the Netherlands), is where we manufacture our products for use in the barn.

In Pella, the United States, we manufacture for the local market and Duiven (the Netherlands) is the home of Lely Consumables, which is responsible for distributing our maintenance products and original parts.

Sustainable building

Our head office has been established in Maassluis (the Netherlands) since day one. Since 2013, our head office and Dutch production facilities have been under one roof at the Lely Campus. The key principle in the development and construction of the new offices and factory was sustainability.

We aimed to achieve the highest possible BREEAM certification. BREEAM assesses the sustainability of a building based on a number of points, such as choice of location, construction and energy use. When the certification became a reality in 2014, the offices and factory together became the most sustainable business complex in Europe.

We are very proud of the Lely Campus. On January 31, 2014, Queen Máxima officially opened the complex.

Why Lely?

Farmers all over the world make choices about how they set up and run their farms. Every day, we help them make the best choices for themselves and their farms. We do this by providing advice and innovative solutions that contribute to efficient farm management. For sustainable milk and meat production. Present and future.