Helping you optimise your business and results

Farm Management Support (FMS) has a single goal: to help you improve the production and profitability of your dairy operation. Regardless of whether you are just about to make the transition to automatic milking and/or feeding, or you have been using our products and management systems on your farm for a while, you receive guidance before, during and after you get started. For more experienced users, we help you optimize the management of your farm. For example, we can analyze your daily routines with your cows, work and management systems, and offer ways to run more efficiently.

How Farm Management Support works
Our start-up support in 3 phases

Making the transition to automatic milking and/or feeding is not for the short term. Precisely because it is for the long run and for the continuity of your business, we offer thorough guidance to all of our customers worldwide when it comes to making the right choices. We help you to prepare for this new way of working in 3 phases:

Before start-up: Guidance during run-up to start-up based on a proven concept and in close collaboration with your feed advisor and other advisors.

During start-up: Practical help by guiding the cows to the automatic milking system the first time. Technical support is given for the actual installation of the equipment. 

After start-up: Guidance and support to further optimise the management of your farm.

Farm Management Support employees