Flexible fresh feeding

The Lely Vector automatic feeding system was developed in close co-operation with our customers and provides optimal results while maintaining maximum respect for your cows. It saves not only a lot of labor, it takes away a lot of hassles from your head as well. The only things left for you to do are filling up the kitchen and cleaning it once in a while. The Vector system offers you the freedom to manage your farm exactly the way you want to.

Management, Feeding

The Lely Vector is an autonomous vehicle and does not need extra support or profiles, power lines or rails. You can start with automatic feeding right away. The system has an extra advantage: it can also push up the feed in-between feeding times and while doing so it measures the amount of feed left. This means that it can determine where and when fresh feed is needed without any help from the farmer or manager.

The Vector mixing and feeding robot loads the various materials in the best possible order.  Consequently,  rations only require light and short mixing that leaves the particles the correct length and supports an optimal, healthy rumen. Mixing is less energy-consuming because the feed is dropped in the mixing unit in small quantities and in a varied order. 

The Lely Vector system’s feed kitchen is an open space without obstacles that can store all types of feed. The feed remains fresh for days because it is stored in blocks. Storing in this way prevents oxygen from intruding into the feed. The automatic feeding system helps you to serve the freshest possible feed in well-mixed, balanced portions. The feed kitchen can stock feed for three days in advance. This means there is enough feed available in the kitchen for more than a weekend – giving you more freedom to plan both your work and your social life! This flexibility also makes you less dependent on external labor.

Consistent feeding makes cows healthier, and so your veterinary costs will decrease. Higher feed intake for all cows, including young heifers, means that the entire herd will perform better, especially the  low-ranking cows. Feed is used more efficiently and  more fresh feed means less leftovers. The Lely Vector system has been thoroughly tested by farmers at numerous farms in different countries  under a variety of circumstances. These farmers have made it possible for us to offer you an effective and reliable automatic feeding system with unique benefits. 

Our existing customers report a saving of eight hours a week. The running costs for the Vector system are extremely low and huge savings can be expected if you compare them with the costs of operating conventional systems.


•    Flexible feeding strategy.
•    Flexible in your daily routine.
•    Flexible for every farm and future expansion.


•    Fresh from the clamp.
•    Fresh from the kitchen.
•    Fresh at the feed fence.


•    Feeds well-balanced rations.
•    Feeds according to needs.
•    Feed is well spread at the fence.

Results in
•    No stress in the herd.
•    More cow activity.
•    High feed intake.
•    High feed efficiency.
•    High milk production.

The Lely Vector automatic feeding system makes your feeding strategy profitable!