Grazing tip

When the grazing season starts and the cows go out for grazing for the first time of the year, there is a positive vibe running through the farm. On the other hand, there are always heifers which calved during the winter and which need to be trained to pass the Lely Grazeway and enter the pasture.

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Because these heifers are not familiar with going to the pasture they will remain indoors at first. Getting them trained can be seen as a challenge. Farmers who have already been using grazing for a long time have taught us that they do not use the Grazeway selection port in the first week due to training the heifers.

The complete herd is moved to the pasture as a whole. After a couple of hours grazing they are moved indoors as a herd. By doing this, the heifers learn what grazing is.

After one week, when you activate the Grazeway, the heifers are used to going out. They will easily adapt to the Grazeway with a minimum of training as they learn from the other cows and already know what grazing is.

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