Long drought period leads to adjustments of feed settings

Many countries have experienced a long dry period that challenged farmers to produce a good quality of roughage and in some cases no roughage at all. This resulted in a lack of roughage and reduced ingredients content in some areas.



If your area is affected, you should take a look at the feeding settings of your farms to make sure the cow is able to satisfy her feed needs. While visiting a farm, it is advised to address this issue to make sure the farmer adjusts his or hers feeding management to this dry period. This could be, depending on the ration on the feed fence, to increase the concentrates intake in the Astronaut, to change the type of concentrates or to discuss the issue with the feed advisor of the farmer. 

Next to the feeding settings, it is also good to think about the grassland. The management of the grassland could be adjusted to make sure the roughage is of good quality for the next year by for example over seed some grass. Check the effects of the drought on the grassland and what changes are needed in grass management to help the farmer produce high quality roughage next year.