Missing ‘cows to collect’

Collecting cows that are too late for milking is part of a farmer’s daily routine. When using Lely T4C InHerd, this job becomes easy and efficient. However, occasionally it can happen that the number of ‘cows to collect’ in InHerd does not match T4C Report 11 on the desktop.

Management, T4C & InHerd


Initial set-up

When introducing InHerd on a farm, this is connected to T4C in the T4C ‘Configuration’ menu. This requires the farmer’s personal movex number in combination with a temporary password. At that moment the location settings are also taken over in InHerd. Therefore, make sure that all settings on the T4C desktop are configured correctly, including locations and treatment plans.

Location settings

When farms are growing and developing their set-up may change. Perhaps an additional milking robot is added, or a Lely Vector automatic feeding system is installed. This could affect the initial location settings in T4C. Instead of one you have two or even multiple locations. The locations themselves are automatically synchronised in InHerd; however, the tasks are not. This needs to be done manually, because tasks in InHerd may be organised around certain people or routines. When this is not done it can be the case that the ‘cows to collect’ list does not match.

Another explanation could be the status of the ‘Collect Cows’ task in your daily routine. Once you have opened the task, it turns orange and the number of cows on this list is ‘frozen’. No new cows will then show up on this task. Therefore, we advise that you open the task once in the morning and once in the afternoon and finish the task on the list. In addition, ensure that the times of the InHerd shifts are in line with the actual situation on the farm.

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