T4C Update 3.10

The new 3.10 update allows every T4C user to choose the animal’s location manually. Moreover, the measurements and the presentation of the data of QWES ISO LD and Smarttag are developed, setting pages are clearer and T4C has a new layout corresponding to the corporate identity.

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Animal’s location

‘Location’ is a property in T4C of the cow’s physical location in the barn. Since the new T4C update, it will be possible to change that location manually. This change makes the registration and reporting much more accurate. Moreover, it allows the T4C user to locate the animals on the farm. The location will be based on the manually decided location or based on the last device visit.

How to manually change the location per cow?
1.    First pick the cow you want to manually change and open its cow card
2.    Go to tab ‘Animal Data’
3.    See location -> it is editable
4.    Click on drop down menu to desired location
5.    Save cow card

Location change per cow.PNG

How to manually change the location as a batch?
One of the ways to change the location as a batch is by manually select a list of animals;
1.    Go to ‘Data Entry’
2.    Go to ‘Daily Entry’
3.    New action at bottom of the menu -> ‘Location change’ 
4.    Select the desired animals
5.    Click ‘Submit’ at the right bottom
6.    T4C shows the overview and at the right click drop down menu to desired location
7.    Click ‘Save all’ to save changes

Location change batch.png

The other way to change the location as a batch is by using the tools at reports animals are listed.
1.    Go to ‘Analysis/Reports’
2.    Got to ‘Reports’
3.    Click, for example, 11-Milking-Collect Cows
4.    Select the desired cows
5.    Click drop down menu to ‘Location change’
6.    Click execute to change the location

Location change batch via report.png

Changes QWES ISO Smarttag & LD 
The rumination activity and eating time from the QWES ISO Smarttags will be shown in minutes instead of percentages. Both the rumination activity and eating have their own dashboard KPI. The QWES ISO LD also has an eating time dashboard KPI. 

Settings pages
Both the lactation and routing settings pages have been changed to make the setting pages more user friendly. For the routing page, it is also possible to have an automatic routing task which crosses midnight.

Lactation settings.png
Routing settings.png

New layout
The 3.10 version layout is according to the corporate identity of Lely. 

New layout.png