Healthy dairy cattle offer optimum productivity, require less attention and are a pleasure to work with. It is a frustrating fact that mastitis, reduced fertility and foot health issues still count as the top three reasons for culling on dairy farms. A clean barn floor keeps feet, legs, udders and tails cleaner and helps inhibit the growth of bacteria. This reduces hygiene related feet and udder health issues.


Regular cleaning of the floor is particularly important to inhibit the growth of bacteria. A clean floor keeps cows from bringing manure into the cubicles. Tails as well as udders remain cleaner. This in turn reduces the potential for infections.

Cows are more comfortable to express their natural behaviour when their feet are healthy and the floor is not slippery. This makes it easier for you to detect cows that are in heat, allowing you to reduce the calving interval. Healthy feet are important for a cow to be able to move freely and do as she pleases: rest, eat, drink or go for milking.

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Our solutions for housing and caring

Lely Discovery 120 Collector

A revolutionary manure robot for closed floors

The Discovery Collector is specifically designed for barns with solid floors and takes a revolutionary diverse approach when compared to traditional manure scrapers. The Collector does not push manure, but vacuums it. This makes the build-up of manure – in which cows stand – a thing of the past.

Lely Discovery

Improved cow health thanks to excellent barn hygiene

A clean floor prevents hoof problems and keeps tails and udders clean. The Lely Discovery relieves you of your daily manure-scraping routine. It operates at times of your choosing and follows a route that you select, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

Lely Light for Cows

Improved milk yield through optimal barn lighting

Optimal barn lighting boosts production. Lely Light for Cows (L4C) allows you to program an efficient lighting scheme that runs automatically. In this way you achieve the right amount and light intensity in your barn each day. This also has a positive influence on the growth and fertility of your young cattle.

Lely Luna

For optimal cow comfort

Keeping cow welfare to optimum levels leads to happier, healthier and more productive cows. Health can be enhanced by proper skin care. The Lely Luna brushes the skin, stimulates blood circulation and removes dust for relaxed animals and a calm herd.

Lely Walkway

Foot bath for efficient hoof care

Reduce hoof disease and lameness with efficient hoof care. Cows with healthy hooves feel good and are more productive and find it easier to behave naturally. With the Lely Walkway, you can regularly and efficiently care for their hooves with an animal-friendly solution.

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