Healthy cows produce more and better quality milk. That is why animal health, especially cow health, comes first in everything we do. Our products are developed to keep cows healthy so that they can perform at their best.

To ensure this, we look at the entire cycle of milk production: from forage harvesting to barn care. By using the right cleaning and maintenance products for our machines you can rest assured that they will be easy to use, efficient and last a long time. You can also keep poor cow health, large-scale maintenance and waste at bay.

First-class products

To ensure optimal milk yield, Lely Consumables offers a wide range of first-class products, guaranteeing a clean and efficient milking robot, a hygienic barn and proper cow care. These products are easy to order and are more than just cleaning products. All original wear parts, such as the teat-cup liners for the milking robot, can also be purchased. The products are, of course, animal friendly and sustainably produced, and can be delivered quickly worldwide througuh our extensive dealer network.

Many product categories

For optimal hygiene and milk quality


Hygiene in and around the Lely Astronaut is essential for high-quality milk and maintenance of the milking system. Our robot has a unique heat-cleaning system. With the cleaning products from the Lely Astri range, the robot is cleaned quickly and efficiently in order to be able to perform at its best. The risk of germs and problems with cow health are kept to a minimum.


A balanced feed strategy contributes to good-quality milk in the tank. Within the lactation cycle, a cow often has extra needs with regard to vitamins, minerals and other energy. Our feed additives are an excellent supplement to your nutritional strategy.


Healthy udders have a positive effect on milk quality. Healthy hooves make for active cows which regularly visit the feed gate and are easy to milk. That is why good cleaning and disinfection of udders and hooves are important for all cows. Our udder spray and hoof-care products contribute to good care for cows.


Our housing products offer your cows the maximum comfort when resting so that they can be at their best to produce. A good example of this is the Comfort cubicle bedding. This ensures a clean and dry cubicle that keeps out flies and other pests.

Wear parts

Automatic milking means a milking system that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Prevent the consequences of wear and tear: replace wear parts on time. This will ensure you the best possible performance and durability of the Lely Astronaut and Discovery. The products in this range are of the high quality that you would expect. From teat-cup liners to brushes and from pipe filters to hoses.

Why our maintenance?

A healthy dairy farm demands more than just healthy animals, the right choices and partners. It is also about the preconditions, such as the equipment and machines. That is why we offer technical support and the right tools to make the equipment durable for a long period of time.