Lely reveals a Yellow Revolution of farm management software

This morning, during an international event in Amsterdam and two regional events in Heerenveen (The Netherlands) and Oyten (Germany), Alexander van der Lely, CEO of the Lely Group, revealed Lely’s latest Yellow Revolution: A new approach to farm management that will assist farmers in a unique way.

Sept. 10, 2013


As a first step in this new management approach, Alexander van der Lely revealed the Lely T4C InHerd: A platform with farm management tools for mobile devices. Lely T4C InHerd is a modern farm management system that enables the farmer to check where his attention is needed most. The tools will help the farmer to act accurately by coaching him to do the right action, at the right time and in the right place. Farm results will improve by providing real-time insight into performances and cow health. This will result in a higher efficiency and more peace of mind.

With the Lely T4C InHerd mobile management system, farmers are more flexible and in control than ever before. All dairy farmers, including large dairy farms, will benefit from the solutions that T4C InHerd offers. This is a really unique mobile system for organising the work flow among the staff and checking the progress on their farm. T4C InHerd has captured Lely’s best practices in terms of how to run a robotic farm with over twenty years of experience in this playing field and has been developed in close cooperation with its customers.

Over one hundred test farmers have evidenced that Lely T4C InHerd:
• Offers a clear overview of where actions are needed.
• Makes all the necessary information available.
• Allows actions to be set straight away.
• Monitors work progress and results continually.

Every farm with Lely Astronaut milking robots, whether Astronaut A2, Astronaut A3 or Astronaut A4, is able to use Lely T4C InHerd.

The Lely T4C InHerd platform, which Lely introduced today, starts with eight tools that can be downloaded. These tools are:


Shows the actual herd and robot performance of the farm compared to the average for the last week.


Shows which tasks need to be done based on scheduled tasks and measurements by different Lely products that are connected to T4C.


Provides data about reproduction, feed intake and milk production of individual cows.


Shows which checks and maintenance tasks a robot needs based on scheduled tasks and measurements by the sensors of the robot.


Warns if ten cows have no milk time at one teat or the dead milk time exceeds the settings in T4C.


Explains step by step how an action should be done. This is the farmers’ personal trainer on the job.


Makes fast and efficient communication possible between InHerd users within one farm.


Is the function by which user accounts can be created and edited for the different InHerd users on the farm.

Demo mode and three-month free trial

The Lely T4C InHerd tools are available at Google Play and the Apple App Store and feature a free demo mode which can be used unlimitedly. The demo mode works with fictitious data. By activating a three-month free trial, farmers with a Lely Astronaut milking robot can try the tools in practice with their own T4C data. This functionality depends on the availability of the latest version of T4C 3.2.9. Availability can be checked at www.lelyt4c.com, where more information about the tools can also be obtained.

The tools are indispensable when it comes to an easy and fast optimisation of the daily farm operation. Therefore Lely’s T4C InHerd is a major step in the automation and optimisation of the dairy farming business. From now on farmers will be able to check their farm performance, plan actions and improve their results when and wherever they want to.

More information about Lely T4C InHerd can be found at www.lelyt4c.com.