Automatic feed system optimised further

An important part of the Lely Vector feeding system is the feed kitchen, which offers the cattle farmer greater flexibility than other automatic feeding systems. Lely is convinced that the system also significantly improves feed quality.

Sept. 11, 2013


The chopped silage and maize blocks in the feed kitchen remain intact, which means that oxygen cannot penetrate them easily, keeping them fresh for longer.Experience shows that the feed stays at the right temperature for longer in warm periods too. Lely introduced the Vector feeding system in mid April 2012. The new improvements to the feed grabber show that Lely is convinced of the unique feed kitchen concept.

More precise, more efficient

The feed grabber has now been optimised, based on the experiences of recent years. A 3D camera has been installed on the grabber to scan the width, depth and height of the blocks and bales. As a result, the feed blocks and bales are recognised more easily, which ensures the grabber grabs the right quantity of feed more efficiently and more precisely. The grabber also follows the floor better, which means that less residual feed is left in the feed kitchen. The grabber grabs the various feed types and deposits them in the mixing and feeding robot in the right proportions. This robot mixes the feed, drives independently to the right location at the feed fence and unloads the feed for the right group of cows.

Up to 12% more effective space

The suspension of the new grabber is more flexible than in the previous type. As a result, the grabber has a better grip on the block or bale, so it grabs more precisely. The new feed grabber does not use hydraulics and operates faster and more silently than the old feed grabber. Last but not least, the design of the grabber has been adapted so that the edges of the feed kitchen can be used more effectively. Up to 12% more space can be created depending on the kitchen.

Lely will supply the new feed grabber from the 1st of November as standard with the Vector feeding system.

Editorial note 

For more information, please contact Mellanie Vellekoop, Marketing & Communications, Lely International,, + 31 (0)6 23501476.

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