Danish Lely farmer wins prize for best working environment

We would like to congratulate Sandagergaard (near Skals in the North-Western part of Denmark) for winning the Agricultural Working Environment Award 2014. Gunnar Forum and Solveig Klith Forum run the farm, which they bought in 1989.

Dec. 2, 2014


Every year the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture presents the Danish Agricultural Working Environment Award to a farmer who makes a special effort to create and develop a good physical and mental working environment on his farm. The recipient of the Agricultural Working Environment Award is a farmer who performs the task with skill, dedication and creativity and by his example shows new ways and inspires his colleagues.

The farm has two branches of production: milk production and forage production. The land comprises 350 hectares with corn, grass and grain. The dairy herd: 450 cows with an annual yield of 13,000 kg ECM / cow.

”After we had Lely robot number seven installed earlier this year, our first lactation cows have increased their production by seven kg in daily yield,” says Gunnar and goes on, ”Recently we reached 13,000 kg ECM. That we have come up this much is not only due to technology, but to the fact that our staff has joint responsibility for the production.”

On Sandagergaard Gunnar and Solveig have five fulltime employees at the moment. In addition to providing the employees with great influence on the daily operations, Gunnar and Solveig try to create the framework for a good working day, so that the staff is both motivated when they come to work, and when they go home.

You can read more information on the award and Sandagergaard here.

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