Lely releases push message when cows are in heat on Lely T4C InHerd

Lely has now released a new T4C InHerd update with additional features. With the Signals tool farmers can now receive a push message when cows are in heat. Next to this new feature it is now possible with the Cow tool to milk cows under supervision. Also the general performance and speed of T4C InHerd have been improved further.

Dec. 2, 2014


The option to receive a push message for cows in heat has a positive impact on farm efficiency. It results in an accurate and timely insemination and thus contributes to the continuity of the reproduction performances. Being actively notified and having direct insight on the cows’ heat status provides the farmer with instant information to help him to make the correct decisions. Inseminating cows in the optimal timeframe results in a higher first-time-right rate and a total of fewer inseminations and less cow touches. In addition the time in between calving will decrease and it saves labour.

Occasionally it might occur that a farmer wants to be present when a cow is milked to monitor the milking process closely. For example to train a heifer or feed fresh milked colostrum directly to the calf. With the option ‘miking under supervision’ the farmer receives a signal when this specific cow is present.

Next to these new practical features Lely is continuously working on the ease of use and overall performance of Lely T4C InHerd. This can be experienced by the user interface or finding a cow in Lely T4C InHerd in a quick and easy way. However a professional Wi-Fi installation or a consistent internet connection, meeting the requirements, is needed to guarantee T4C InHerd maximum functionality.

With these new features Lely offers complementary options and services for continuity in reproduction and daily farm management.

More information and instructive movies about Lely T4C InHerd are available at www.lelyt4c.com, YourGuide in T4C or via your local Lely Center.