The Lely Welger CB Concept, the story continues...

On the Agritechnica 2015 in Hannover one year after the introduction of the Lely Welger CB concept, Lely reveals the revolutionary continuous baling concept to the public. With this in mind, Lely wants to enforce that we are very advanced in the concept and that we are confident to have this baler ready for use as soon as possible.

Sept. 10, 2015


Yellow Revolution

Last year, the Lely Welger CB concept was introduced as a Yellow Revolution, which is Lely’s way of launching new revolutionary products or concepts. This new way of baling, according to Lely, could equate to a major breakthrough in round bale silage and a major change to forage harvesting.

With the continuous baling system, the driver no longer has to stop to tie and release bales. When the desired bale size is reached, the bale moves to the back for tying. Simultaneously, a new bale starts again at the front. The baler constantly keeps full tension on the bales until they leave the baler. The baler therefore combines constant bale quality with a high capacity, resulting in a considerable improvement in comfort for the driver.

Continuous testing

Over the last year, Lely has taken the time to conduct a considerable amount of tests on the machine. The focus of these tests was on optimising the system and its user-friendliness. The tests have been conducted in several countries in various crop conditions, including the United States, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. Great progress has been made in the baler’s functionality and power consumption. With regard to performance, the test machines now obtain a capacity of 110 to 130 bales per hour, depending on the circumstances and size of the bales.

The story continues

Over the coming year, Lely will be conducting the final set of field tests with balers close to the serial configuration, to make the baler ready for market as soon as possible.

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