A new standard in farm management: Lely introduces Horizon

Future farming at your fingertips

Maassluis, 6 October 2020 – Lely introduces a new farm management application, called Lely Horizon. The new application is the next step towards a bright future in dairy automation, connecting data from all relevant equipment and suppliers on the farm in one management system. Horizon is a real decision-support platform, which analyses data, offers insights and gives proactive advice to make the farmer’s life easier, the herd healthier and the farm more profitable

Oct. 6, 2020


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The new application, which will replace the current Lely T4C management system, was introduced during the Lely Future Farm Days 2020. Freddie Ruijs, Senior Product Manager Management Systems & Data at Lely, explains: ‘In an ever-changing world where ‘data’ and ‘digitalisation’ are key, the dairy farm cannot be left behind. At Lely we feel that it is time to use all available relevant data in an intelligent way. That is exactly what Horizon is all about. It connects equipment and suppliers on the farm, using smart algorithms and the power of the cloud. Data is processed into actionable information that is always accessible on any device in a user-friendly way. The application provides farmers with the tools to work more efficiently and offers them more control, to help them achieve their goals.’

The application was created with the help of more than 100 test farmers in 7 countries, over a 24-month period. It involved the collaboration of more than 75 engineers, designers, farm management advisors, veterinarians and AI specialists, in order to make the concept smarter and more user friendly.

Decision support

Lely Horizon uses smart algorithms based on the experience of thousands of dairy farmers worldwide. The application elevates the data to forecast performances and offers the farmer clear choices. For instance, it clearly indicates ketosis-suspected cows at an early stage. Knowing that dairy cows suffer from ketosis, early treatment directly prevents losses. Horizon also provides fact-based decision support on whether to inseminate or not.

Optimised farm flow

Lely Horizon makes farmers’ working days more efficient by unburdening them from routine decision making. It optimises their workflow by offering valuable insights at the right time and in the right place. Integrated routines based on easily scheduled cow touches create logical and more efficient workflows. Farmers can start task-based working with direct access to daily routines and necessary actions in order to customise their preferred way of working. It is even possible to assign a certain task to an employee and to schedule a time slot for the cow touch, rather than analysing different reports and filtering long lists.

Connecting and combining

Horizon is not a platform for Lely solutions alone. It is open to partners and to the farmers’ partners too. It connects and combines all the available data in a complete solution for the farmer. This means that entering the same data in two separate systems will become a thing of the past. Another advantage is that analysing individual data in different applications and reports is no longer necessary, which will save time on a daily basis.

Currently, connections with farming applications such as Dairy Comp, Uniform-Agri, CRV and Herde already enable farmers to synchronise information about calving and inseminations between applications. Our ambition is to continue to connect more partners over time, in order to hand the farmer more and more smart data.

Easy to use

Horizon offers an intuitive user interface that gives you fast access to all the information you need. This interface is the same on any device. Clear, customised dashboards are available when and where you need them. Customers always have control over their own data, by personally managing the data exchange approvals. Lely also believes in a solid platform complying with ICAR Animal Data Exchange standards. Data protection for both farmers and partners is ensured through this.


To ensure full support in the migration to Lely Horizon, existing Lely T4C customers will be personally informed by their Lely Center before the end of 2020. The migration is planned in a phased approach, from country to country, over the year 2021. This will allow ample time to train the Lely Center staff and support farmers to make sure that everyone is ready to work with Horizon and to ensure that future farming is at their fingertips.

For more information contact your local Lely Center or visit: www.lely.com/horizon