Cloud Connect now available for Juno & Discovery 120 Collector

During this year's Lely Future Farm Days in October a new data platform saw light: Lely Horizon. With the aim of connecting all Lely products to this platform, Lely now introduces Cloud Connect for the Juno feed pusher and Discovery 120 Collector manure robot. Cloud Connect provides users with more control over and insight into the performance of their Juno and Collector.

Nov. 18, 2020


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Due to the fact animals are involved, the environment in which the robots operate is constantly changing. Cloud Connect sends out a notification when the status of the feed pusher or manure robot changes unexpectedly. Thanks to this, users can be rest assured their cows always have access to the pushed feed and walk on a clean floor without the need for a physical check in the barn.

How it works

The Lely Juno and Discovery 120 Collector share their status with the Lely Cloud via the Wi-Fi network in the barn. As soon as any unexpected situation occurs, the user receives a notification in the Lely T4C InHerd Signals app – to be subsequently replaced by Lely Horizon – on their smartphone. This makes a quick follow-up possible.

The introduction of this connection with the Cloud is a first step in the development of remote maintenance and troubleshooting for the Lely Juno and Discovery Collector. This will contribute to increased reliability and a reduction in service costs.

Cloud Connect is, as of today, available for the latest generation of Juno feed pusher and all Discovery 120 Collector manure robots with T4C software. For more information, please contact your local Lely Center.

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