The Dairy XL team is there for dairy farms all over the world that wish to automate and grow. Equally, those of you who wish to build a new automated farm can rely on skilled support from Dairy XL. By connecting humans, animals and technology together, we help your farms to produce the best possible quality and quantity of milk in the most efficient way possible.

The agricultural sector has the challenge of meeting the increasing need for good-quality food. Growth in this sector is key. Opting for growth through our automatic milking system is choosing a proven formula, with more than twenty years’ experience with dairy farmers worldwide.

Dairy farms with a herd of more than 500 cows find the perfect partner in Dairy XL. We guide producers toward a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future.

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Finance options

Flexibility and room for growth

If growth is one of your objectives, this can happen in small steps or great leaps. Our automatic milking system is an easy fit.

Whatever your choice, we facilitate your growth. At Lely Finance, we offer finance options that provide you with flexibility and room for growth. With good finance offers you can invest without losing liquidity. Costs remain manageable and fit in better with the day-to-day use of our products.

Growth in practice

Slow and progressive growth delivers guaranteed results.  A perfect example of progressive growth is Hemdale Farms in the U.S. Here, we successfully achieved long-term growth.

Take a look at the figure below to see how Hemdale Farms achieved their growth, step by step.

‘The easier the work becomes in the barn, the less work that needs to be done by humans.’

The growth of Hemdale Farms
2007 2009 2010 2014 2015
Astronaut milking robots 4 12 13 17 19

The Dairy XL principles

The barn is no longer the place where milking happens, but rather where management happens. This is an important principle within our barn concept. With Dairy XL, we go to the next level in automated work on a dairy farm. We sit down together to look at how best to incorporate automation into your business. Our colleagues from Farm Management Support then help to achieve and maintain that growth through your chosen automation.

Cows are central to automation and to adapting day-to-day routines. Their behavior, health and lactation cycle are the guiding principles when equipping or re-equipping your dairy farm and work. This is further supported by all the information on your livestock in our Lely T4C management system.


Dairy XL principles

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Lely Astronaut

The natural way to milk

An increased milk yield and readily available milking data: automatic milking makes it all possible. The milking system collects individual cow data on milk production and health. This alerts you on time to any changes, allowing you to devote your attention to the cows that need it most.

Lely Juno

Increasing feed intake has never been easier

The Lely Juno takes over the repetitive work of pushing the feed multiple times a day. By pushing feed regularly, it is always within the cows’ reach. Every cow, even those lower in rank, can eat the roughage it needs for optimal rumen health and growth.

Why our solutions?

Freedom of choice and well-being for yourself and your cows. Flexibility and well-being for yourself and your cows while at the same time producing high-quality milk. That is what our barn concept offers. From milking to feeding and from care to barn lighting.