More light, more milk

Good lighting in the barn has been shown to enhance cows’ productivity. With Lely Light for Cows (L4C) you can set up an efficient light plan, giving you the right light intensity in the barn 16-18 hours a day. More light stimulates the cows’ activity. It can also have a positive influence on fertility and on the growth of your young cattle.

Fully automated

With L4C you are always assured of the right amount of light at the right time and in the right place in the barn. This is thanks to an individual lighting control system for each light. The lighting control system is fully automated and the amount of light is determined per individual light. The lighting control system also factors in light coming from outside, giving you the best possible lighting with the least possible effort.

Energy saving

The unique and automated lighting control system means that Lely L4C also saves you energy. You can achieve the most efficient level of lighting with a minimum number of lights. By only allowing the lights to come on when necessary, you achieve the required lighting intensity with the fewest possible hours of lighting, saving you energy.

Lely Light for Cows is suited to
every farm

Low-intensity red lighting

during the night

L4C rood licht.JPG

Cows need eight hours a day of darkness in order to rest properly. This can mean that you are unable to work in the barn during the night. Light for Cows is optional equipped with red lighting for rest hours. Cows barely detect red light and it gives sufficient illumination for you to go on your rounds or carry out work. You do this without disturbing the cows.

Unequalled service

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Housing and caring

An animal-friendly and productive environment contributes to optimal cow health and comfort. It also lengthens the lactation cycle. By choosing the best and most comfortable design for your barn with the right resources you can improve cow health. Milk yield also increases and costs go down.