The Lely Astronaut automatic milking system is designed to improve your herd's health, milk production and well-being throughout their lifetime. 

Providing you with a comprehensive insight into each cow, our dairy herd management software, the Lely Horizon farm management system, works in real-time, translating the data from the milking robot into useful and usable information, saving you both time and money. With in-depth information on each cow, every day, from every milking, you have the ability to intervene at the earliest sign of a problem to help prevent sickness, cow stress and potential production loss.

Swift teat detection

Equipped with a 3D camera that monitors cow movement during the milking process, the milking arm is positioned precisely for fast teat detection, attachment and release. With the quickest attachment time available in robotics, the Lely Astronaut is gentle, stress-free and at the top of its class in minimizing udder damage, no matter the udder type.

Accurate udder health control

Individual 4-quarter milking ensures the efficient emptying of each quarter, without over-milking or causing stress to the teat. In addition, the Lely MQC milk quality control system offers dynamic pulsation at the quarter level. This ensures a truly individual treatment of each quarter and each cow, resulting in a tailor-made milking experience for all cows.

Total milk quality measurement tools

During milking, the milk is continuously monitored per quarter. Providing accurate and timely information on fat, protein and lactose (just to name a few), you are equipped with the information you need to respond quickly and usually before signs of a potential problem are visible to the naked eye.

Efficient mastitis monitoring per milking

Preventing mastitis can save you a lot of money from lost production, vet costs and labour to attend cows. Data is collected each time the cow visits the robot, allowing you to monitor every cow's udder health at every milking. The system even goes as far as automatically diverting milk and in a pasture system, automatically diverting cows to a draft area for treatment at a later time.

Better cleaning and stimulation with brushes

Research proves that unique counter-rotating brushes, together with precise arm movements, guarantee up to 40% more effective cleaning and stimulation of milk flow when compared to conventional milking systems.

Accurate heat detection and health monitoring

The Lely Qwes LD-HD is a unique collar-mounted cow identification and activity sensor that determines health problems and identifies cows in heat at the earliest stage. By identifying each individual cow, plus her rumination minutes, general activity and reproductive cycle, you are provided with a clear indication of each cow’s current health and an accurate guide to aid precise insemination time and the ability to reduce calving intervals across your herd.

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