Finding a lifestyle balance when you’re a dairy farmer sounds nice, but is it realistic? It can be — and it’s all about embracing a new way of doing things. 

With the Lely Astronaut robotic milking system we utilize the most advanced technology to milk your cows, direct them to greener pastures and provide you with the information you need to ensure your herd is performing at its peak.

To us, farming is about a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future. For more than twenty years we have been perfecting a system that allows you to have those things and also a lifestyle that allows you to be more than a dairy farmer to those who matter most.

We help you gain work-life balance

For most dairy farmers, schedules revolve around milking and other chores in the barn, leaving little flexibility. Farmers using Lely milking robots have a more flexible, balanced schedule. For some of those farmers, it means just checking in at the barn throughout the day and attending to cows that need attention, such as insemination. For Lely, robotic milking is about automating routine jobs, allowing you to manage your herd.

Control your dairy farm with Lely Horizon

Whether in the barn, in the office, in the paddock or at home, the Lely Horizon farm management system gives you full control over your dairy farm, while you balance work and the lifestyle you crave. Lely Horizon knows exactly what’s going on in the barn, and serves as a library, operating system, herdsman, personal assistant and trainer all at the same time. Sound complex? On the contrary, this management system is actually very easy to use.

Freedom to choose

The Lely Astronaut means freedom of choice; freedom to choose when and how you manage your time and your business. There are no set milking times, giving you the flexibility to choose the most suitable time to complete your daily routines. Not only does the Lely Astronaut allow for a more flexible work environment, it also eliminates the repetitive job of being in the barn putting on cups day in and day out, making your job more enjoyable and allowing you to spend more time on the things that are important to you.

Lely's herd management system is dedicated to your success

With more than twenty years of experience in automated milking, we have been able to develop the industry leading management platform for robotic milking: The Lely Horizon farm management system. This system collects and records all data provided by the Lely Astronaut robots through their many sensors. It analyzes and presents clear and useful information that helps you make strategic operational decisions quickly and accurately.

Monitor your herd from home or office

With the Lely Astronaut robotic milking system, you can view each individual cow's conductivity, weight, milk production, feed intake, rest, number of milkings, rumination and, of course, their reproduction cycle — all with the click of a button. You can set cows to be diverted automatically for accurate insemination or treatment for issues such as mastitis. You can also monitor the cows' milking times, production per-milking and adjust feed levels without having to physically do the work.

‘When it’s time to be in the field, we don’t have to stop to milk cows.’