Whether it is automatic milking or feeding, every dairy farmer who uses our systems must be able to trust the process completely. Every day, all year long. Therefore, we have a worldwide distribution network: the Lely Center facilities.

These local businesses focus exclusively on the Lely concept, offering advice, maintenance and sales. The Lely Center service technicians are professionals who are trained and certified in our own training centres. This assures you of fast on-site expert assistance.

One way of working for all our customers

All Lely Center facilities worldwide work according to the same methods, the same systems and provide all our customers across the globe with the same support. Whether it is technical service, optimisation of business processes or a sale. For example, the maintenance of Lely equipment is always in accordance with established guidelines. Feedback from the Lely Center branches enables us continually to improve processes and protocols. This ensures that the service level is guaranteed and our equipment can function optimally.

Training and certification

One of the ways in which we guarantee service levels is to train all service technicians in our own training centres. After each training programme, a technician receives certification. This ensures that the technician who works on your Lely Astronaut, for example, is properly trained. In addition, we strive to hire as many technicians as possible with a background in the agricultural sector.

Local and international

The Lely Center facilities are not stand-alone units. They are supported by the Lely offices in the region. These local organisations are in turn underpinned by the expertise and experience from the head office, based in The Netherlands. With their knowledge, the Lely Center branches work together with local Lely offices and head office to ensure the right support for dairy farms worldwide.

Your Lely Centers


Welcome to Lely Center Avonbank

Avonbank is a leading agricultural service and solutions dealership with locations in Listowel and Granton, Ontario Canada. With a rich history in agriculture, we have over 60 years experience supplying new and innovative products and solutions to enhance the profitability and success of your dairy facility.

Our trained Lely Sales and Service representatives specialize in offering solutions to optimize your barn with innovative milking, feed and barn product solutions. We partner product solutions with facility design and planning, equipment installation, service and technical support for our customers.

Dundas Agri Systems

a trusted supplier of dairy equipment and related components in Eastern Ontario

We are an established, family owned and operated company established in 1981 to provide dairy systems and services to producers in Eastern Ontario. Our goal is to support our customers with products of unsurpassed quality and comprehensive service and install capabilities.

We have an experienced staff of dedicated people, knowledgeable in all aspects of dairy farm management and operations. All have a dairy farm/industry background and are dedicated to ensuring solid oversight of all projects both large and small. We are proud of our long-term relationship with our customers, many of whom are now second or third generation farming families.

Penner Farm Services

We Build Farms.

Penner Farm Services helps Canadian producers run efficient and profitable farms. We improve operations by offering an end-to-end approach that includes construction, equipment systems, farm supplies and farm advisory services.

Western Ag Systems

We Build Farms.

Western Ag Systems offers a full line of equipment for Saskatchewan Dairy Farms. Our farming partners can lean on us throughout the entire process - from design, through the build, equipment installation and every day supply via our route truck. All of our solutions are tailored for your dairy farm needs and wants. 

Why Lely?

Farmers all over the world make choices about how they set up and run their farms. Every day, we help them make the best choices for themselves and their farms. We do this by providing advice and innovative solutions that contribute to efficient farm management. For sustainable milk and meat production. Present and future.