Currently we see the following subsidy schemes made available for barn systems like the Lely Sphere:

A. SBV (The Netherlands):

This programme gives 40%-80% subsidy with a maximum amount of 350.000 euros for barn systems that reduces ammonia and methane. Currently there are no barn systems for the dairy sector that fulfil the requirements, except Lely Sphere. The subsidy programme is not yet opened, but we expect that it will open in 2022. The total available budget is around 480 Million euro. We are in close contact with RVO and LNV to achieve that Dutch farmers can apply for this programme.

B. EHF (The Netherlands):

Funded by the European supportfund for agriculture, a subsidy scheme is created to invest in machinery that supports the environment and climate deal of the European Union. This programme gives 60%-75% subsidy with a maximum amount of 150.000 euro for a broad list of systems that contributes to the environment and climate deal of the European Union.

C. VLIF (Belgium):

The VLIF supports investments in agricultural and horticultural companies that contribute to:

1. Increasing resilience 2. More efficient energy and water use 3. Improving air quality

The subsidy is 40% on the eligible costs for investments in technologies to achieve one of these goals.

D. AIP (Germany)

The German government wants to make agriculture more modern and thus promote climate and environmental protection. The centerpiece is the "Agriculture Investment Program" with a budget of 816 million euros, which specifically supports businesses that want to invest in modern technology, for example to reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides in the fields. The subsidy is 40% on the eligible costs.

E. First Movers (province Noord-Brabant)

The province of Noord-Brabant is making €460,000 available to farmers who use an innovative housing system that reduces emissions. Farmers can apply for a subsidy for this from 13 December 2021. This tranche is open to dairy farmers because two new barn systems for dairy cattle were recently included in the Ammonia and Livestock Farming Regulation: A 1.37 (BVPro compressible draining floor) and A 1.39 (Lely Sphere). The province is therefore once again making a subsidy available to farmers who want to purchase these innovative housing systems. This can be subsidized for a maximum of 40% and a maximum of € 25,000 per company. Young farmers receive extra support to make their company future-proof, which is why they receive more favorable conditions and a maximum amount of €30,000 per company applies. A total of €460,000 is available in the First Movers scheme. The province intends to reopen this subsidy scheme as soon as new source-oriented systems for other animal categories become available.

F. MIA/Vamil (The Netherlands)

With the MIA/Vamil subsidy (tax reduction) farmers can benefit from an investment deduction that can amount to a net effect of 10% on the investment amount. This deduction is in addition to the usual investment deduction. With the Vamil you can write off 75% of the investment costs. This can be done at a time can be determined by the applicant. This gives (on top of the 10% net effect subsidy) a liquidity and interest advantage.

Update 2022: We have successfully added the Lely Sphere to the list of qualifying barn systems with the highest subsidy rate of 45% reduction/ 10% netto subsidy effect