What is bright farming? We asked four farmers to share their opinions on Bright Farming. Get inspired and discover their views on the future in dairy farming. At the same time, think about the ambitions you have for your farm.

At Lely, we believe in a bright future which is enjoyable, sustainable and profitable.  With Bright Farming we aim for a future where farmers are able to make the choices to realize their dreams and their ambitions. We strive to provide you with the best solutions combined with our expert support and advice, to run your farm. Whether this in feeding, milking or animal health. All our  solutions are centered around the cow. We aim to automate repetitive tasks so that farmers can focus on the things that really matter to him or her.

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At Lely we have a clear vision of the farm of the future. A fully robotic dairy farm where the cow is at the center and managed closely on input and output, using the required data streams to further optimize where needed. A first step of this future farm is the introduction of the  Lely Orbiter; an on-farm dairy processer, which - in combination with Astronaut milking robots - able to directly process different selections of milk. The system safeguards the pure taste and quality of milk. Consumers are already buying this milk and are able to trace this milk right back to a specific cow family.

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Robotic farms run non-stop, 24 hours a day. To realize this, we continuously improve our products and services. Lely has also developed a worldwide dedicated network of 180 Lely Centers. These local businesses are specialized in dairy automation and have expert technicians and professionals to provide dedicated support to Lely Farmers. The Lely Center experts are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to contribute to the success of the farmer. Come an meet your local Lely Center at the EuroTier.