The passion remains - the tools change!

Working on a farm is the best job in the world, that will never change. However, the world is changing and there are always new challenges; there are many more regulations to comply with, more pressure to be sustainable.

Fortunately, there are also new solutions. Solutions that give you more freedom to run the farm your way, while taking care of your cows, your farm and the future.

Visit our stand at EuroTier 2022 and check out our solutions for your way to the future! Experience the Lely added value live from 15.11. -18.11.2022 in Hannover!


The passion remains - the tools change!

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Robot operations run 24 hours a day - non-stop. To realise this, we continuously improve our products and services. Lely has established a worldwide network of 180 Lely Centres. These local companies specialise in automation in the dairy industry and have experienced technicians and experts. They provide targeted support to Lely farmers. Lely Center experts are available around the clock to contribute to the farmer's success. Come by and meet your local Lely Center at EuroTier.