Clever data management and ease of use are of great importance when developing Lely InHerd. With the 2.6 update, CowLocator* has been introduced. What can it do for farmers and advisors?

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Cow touches
The ‘nine cow touches’ model shows us that in one lactation you will need to ‘touch’ a healthy cow nine times. With 120 cows this already means 1080 touches per year, or around three touches per day, based on healthy cows. Bear in mind also that fetching a healthy cow takes on average 2.07 minutes, whereas an attention cow requires 3.54 minutes to fetch.
This means that barn design, (automatic) routing and working on time, attention and the calendar become even more important. With the introduction of the Lely CowLocator, cows that are not routed but do require attention can easily be found in the barn.

Several receivers are mounted in the barn, which are in contact with the cows’ tags. The receivers in turn communicate with Lely T4C. In this way the Lely CowLocator shows the cows’ position with only a few clicks in InHerd, accurate to within 1 m. As a practical example, cows listed on the ‘Collect cows’ or ‘TotalHealth’ attention list can easily be located on the barn layout with a single click. This farm-specific barn layout is created once in Lely T4C.
In order to be able to use the Lely CowLocator you need to have InHerd in combination with Nedap location tags. Please remember that the CowLocator is only visible in InHerd when the CowLocator is installed on the farm.

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Improve insemination results and monitor your cow health

Included in the CowLocator tags are heat detection and eating minutes (report 10). Lely T4C quickly gives you an insight into the heat status (report 19) of each individual cow, which enables you to inseminate at the right moment in order to maximise profits in your reproduction management. The ‘eating minutes’ function of the tags, combined with the data gathered in the Lely Astronaut, ensure that you have current information about the health of your herd. 

The benefits at a glance
•    Perfectly compatible with the Lely Astronaut via Lely T4C and T4C InHerd.
•    Find individual cows that need attention quickly and easily.
•    One tag (Nedap) for different applications: CowLocator for heat detection, health monitoring and identification.
•    Employees, the inseminator and the veterinarian can also benefit from the system.
•    Only usable in InHerd when the CowLocator is installed.

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*Please note that availability may differ per country.