Farm Scan

Since its introduction in November 2016, 850 Farm Scans have been requested. The Farm Scan is a report that shows the individual farm performance in relation to several topics. In this article, the new version is explained.



Since its introduction in November 2016, 850 FMS Farm Scans have been requested, 610 of which have been since last January. This underlines the great success of this tool. Using the Farm Scan before and during a farm visit enables the advisor to have a quick but solid insight into each individual farm. It clearly shows where short- and long-term actions can be taken, keeping farmers’ goals in mind.

New release

With this latest version, the spider-web diagram is reduced to five topics. These topics are based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are easy to compare between farms:
- Robot capacity: high milk yield per robot.
- Production - feeding: high milk yield per cow and low lactation days.
- Milk visit efficiency: high milk yield per minute box time.
- Robot performance: low number of failures and low number of connection attempts.
- Interval: low percentage of cows with an interval >14 hours.


However, more KPIs are shown within the overview of the farm performance per topic. Within this section, the performance of the last half year is shown for KPIs that are related to the topic. The current state of the farm is shown by a 30-day average of these KPIs, which can be compared with the 30-day average of the Lely Center.


How to use it
An instruction card has been developed to clarify the different parts of the FMS Farm Scan. On this card the set-up of the FMS Farm Scan is explained, as well as the Key Performance Indicators with the Lely standards and basic advice. Based on this information, the FMS Advisor is able to estimate the current farm situation and prepare the farm visit.

The FMS Farm Scan and the instruction card are available in seven different languages and can be requested via LelyNet on the Knowledge Base*. When you enter the Knowledge Base you can search for ‘FMS Farm Scan’ to find it. Please note that the report is exclusively available to certified Farm Management Advisors. 
When the report is requested, it is sent to the email address provided within two working days.

French *In France the Farm Scan is only available for farmers with an FMS contract.

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