Farm Scan

Giving good SMART advice means giving advice according to the farmer’s needs, which is well understood and implemented by the farmer. But what should an advisor focus on when visiting a farm? This is where the advantage of data management kicks in. With the introduction of the FarmScan, a new report for Farm Management advisors is available.



The Farm Scan* shows the individual farm performance in relation to different topics. The report can be used to prepare a farm visit. When the goals of the farmer are clear, the Farm Scan can be used to guide the discussion with the farmer. Where necessary, Lely T4C can be used as a back-up for more detailed information.

The Farm Scan shows the performance of the following topics:
-    Robot capacity
-    Production - feeding
-    Milk speed
-    Robot visit time
-    Robot performance
-    Visit behaviour
-    Interval

The spider-web diagram shows at one glance how the farm is performing in every single topic and where there is a chance to improve. This is based on ranks, where every farm gets a rank compared to all farms in the same Lely Center. The better the farm, the higher the rank, with a maximum of 100.


Then the report shows every topic in more detail. There are one or more key performance indicators related to the topic, whereby the development of the past half year is shown. This makes it possible to observe changes in the past period. 
Also, the average values of the last 30 days for the related key performance indicators are shown. This indicates the current state of the farm. This is compared with the average value of all farms in the Lely Center.

The points of discussion, remarks and action points can be written in the text boxes below each topic.


The FMS Farm Scan is available in English, Dutch, German and French* and is exclusively available for certified Farm Management advisors. They can request the report via Your Guide in Lely T4C  Farm Management  WebAdvice  Get Advice. The customer movex code is needed to request the FarmScan. The report will be sent by email within two working days.

Lely Farm Management Support

*In France the FarmScan is only available for farmers with an FMS contract.