How to use Advanced filters in T4C

Having the right cows at the right moment at the right place is one of the advantages of ‘Advanced filters’ in T4C. By means of this movie we would like to show how you can have your cows in heat at the right place at the right moment.

Management, T4C & InHerd


Inseminating cows at the right moment is crucial for the continuation and profitability of a farm. Today the best insemination moment can be shown in the Lely T4C management program. But how great would it be if these cows are in the separation area at the right moment in your (daily) routine?

By setting ‘Advanced filters’ this becomes reality, in this movie we show how to make this work.

In addition to “cows in heat”, the same principle can also be applied for cow touches such as dry-off, hoof trimming, OvSync programs, etc.

Also in Lely T4C YourGuide more information can be found regarding ‘Advanced filters’

Please contact your local Farm Management advisor to help you set the right configuration for automatic routing.